What Is Cambium Testing?

Cambium Assessment is a leading provider of online testing solutions specifically designed to evaluate the proficiency of students in adhering to state education standards.

Who Owns Cambium Assessment?

Cambium Assessment, a renowned technology solutions provider, is owned by Veritas Capital. This private equity firm holds a distinguished position within the industry, specializing in making strategic investments in companies that offer mission-critical solutions for both government and commercial clients on a global scale. With an impressive track record, Veritas Capital has solidified it’s reputation as a leader in the field.

With a keen focus on technology, Veritas Capital invests in companies that design and develop innovative products and services, ensuring that their clients have access to cutting-edge solutions.

Together, they strive to deliver exceptional results and maintain a competitive edge in an ever-evolving market, solidifying their position as trusted leaders in the provision of critical technology solutions.

Without listing the next part of the article, Cambium Networks is a leading global provider of multi-gigabit broadband for business, residential, and municipal applications.

What Is Cambium Company?

With it’s headquarters located in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, Cambium Networks is a renowned wireless infrastructure provider. The company specializes in offering fixed wireless and Wi-Fi solutions to broadband service providers and enterprises, enabling them to provide reliable and high-speed internet access. Cambium Networks has established itself as a leading global provider, catering to various applications such as business, residential, and municipal requirements.

By leveraging innovative technology and industry expertise, Cambium Networks is able to deliver multi-gigabit broadband solutions that address the ever-increasing demand for connectivity. Their solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of different sectors, empowering businesses, homes, and municipalities with fast and reliable internet access.

History and Founding of Cambium Networks

  • The history and founding of Cambium Networks
  • Established in 2011
  • Headquartered in Rolling Meadows, Illinois
  • Founded by key members of the former Motorola Solutions Wireless Broadband team
  • Specializes in wireless broadband solutions
  • Provides connectivity solutions for industries such as education, government, and enterprise
  • Offers a wide range of wireless networking products and solutions
  • Dedicated to delivering reliable, scalable, and secure wireless connectivity
  • Continually innovating and expanding it’s product portfolio

Source: Cambium Networks | Wireless Solutions that Just Work

Meet Ashley, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Cambium Learning Group. With a keen sense of leadership and a deep understanding of the education industry, Ashley spearheads Cambium’s overall strategy for it’s five business units: Cambium Assessment, ExploreLearning, Learning A-Z, Lexia Learning, and Time4Learning. Under her guidance, Cambium continues to make significant strides in providing innovative solutions that empower educators and enhance student learning experiences.

Who Is the CEO of Cambium Assessment?

Ashley Andersen Zantop is the CEO of Cambium Assessment, one of the five business units under the umbrella of Cambium Learning Group. As the Chairman and CEO, Ashley is responsible for developing and implementing the companys overall strategy and vision. With a wealth of experience in the education industry, Ashley brings significant expertise and leadership to Cambium Assessment.

Under Ashleys guidance, Cambium Assessment has flourished as a leading provider of educational assessment solutions. The company offers a wide range of assessment products and services that help educators measure student progress and inform instructional practices. Cambium Assessments goal is to support teachers and school leaders in making data-driven decisions to improve student outcomes.

She strives to create assessments that are aligned with best practices in education and deliver meaningful and actionable insights. Ashleys commitment to excellence has earned Cambium Assessment a strong reputation in the industry.

In addition to her role at Cambium Assessment, Ashley oversees the other business units within Cambium Learning Group. These include ExploreLearning, Learning A-Z, Lexia Learning, and Time4Learning. Each of these units contributes to the companys mission of providing comprehensive educational solutions to meet the diverse needs of students and educators.

With her deep understanding of the education landscape and dedication to improving student achievement, she continues to drive the company forward, empowering educators with the tools they need to foster student success.

The Products and Services Offered by Cambium Assessment

Cambium Assessment is an organization that provides a wide range of products and services related to educational assessment. Their offerings include test administration and delivery platforms, scoring and reporting tools, and assessment content development services. These tools and services are designed to support educators, schools, and districts in the process of measuring and evaluating student learning and performance. With a focus on accuracy, efficiency, and reliability, Cambium Assessment aims to assist educational institutions in making informed decisions and improving educational outcomes.

In a recent development, Veritas Capital, a New York-based private-equity firm, has completed the acquisition of Cambium Learning Group. With a focus on providing critical products and services to government and commercial customers worldwide, Veritas Capital’s investment in Cambium Learning Group is expected to further enhance the company’s commitment to providing essential elements for the success of education.

Is Cambium Owned by Veritas?

Cambium Learning Group, the education essentials company, has recently been acquired by Veritas Capital, a New York-based private-equity firm. Veritas Capital, founded in 1992, specializes in investing in companies that provide critical technology-enabled products and services to government and commercial clients worldwide.

Cambium Learning Group, known for it’s focus on simplicity, aims to provide the essential elements necessary for the success of education. The company is dedicated to creating experiences that educators can easily use and appreciate.

Veritas Capital recognized the value and potential of Cambium Learning Groups portfolio and capabilities in enhancing educational experiences.

Background on Cambium Learning Group and It’s Educational Products and Services.

  • Cambium Learning Group is a leading provider of educational products and services.
  • They offer a wide range of educational resources tailored to different grade levels and subjects.
  • Their products support both traditional classroom instruction and online learning.
  • Cambium Learning Group aims to improve student achievement and teacher effectiveness.
  • They provide research-based solutions to address the needs of diverse learners.
  • Their educational services include professional development and curriculum support.
  • Cambium Learning Group is committed to helping educators create engaging and impactful learning experiences.
  • They’ve a strong focus on data-driven instruction and personalized learning.
  • Their products and services have been used by millions of students and teachers worldwide.
  • Cambium Learning Group continues to innovate and evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of education.


Their secure, reliable, and scalable assessment solutions not only help improve student performance but also support state education accountability.

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