What Is Academic Restriction at Montgomery College

Academic Restriction, a policy implemented at Montgomery College, is aimed at providing support and guidance to students who find themselves in academic precariousness. It pertains to those individuals who’ve undertaken 12 or more credit hours in their academic journey and unfortunately witnessed a dip in their cumulative GPA below the threshold of 1.75. In such circumstances, students on Academic Restriction face a limitation in their course selection, as they’re allowed to register for no more than 6 credit hours per semester. This restriction aims to deliver a structured approach to academic recovery and progression, which supports these students in regaining their academic standing and achieving success in their educational pursuits.

How Many Credits Do You Need to Graduate From Montgomery College?

Montgomery College is a highly regarded institution that offers a range of academic programs and degrees to it’s students. For degree seekers at Montgomery College, the number of credits required to graduate depends on several factors. In general, students are expected to have earned a minimum of 15 credit hours specifically at Montgomery College, along with a total of 36 overall credit hours, excluding AELP courses.

Additionally, in order to successfully complete their degree requirements, students must maintain a satisfactory Grade Point Average (GPA). For most degree programs, a minimum GPA of 2.00 is needed, demonstrating a reasonable level of academic performance. However, students enrolled in the Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT) program have a higher standard to meet; they must achieve a minimum GPA of 2.75.

These credit hour and GPA requirements are designed to ensure that students have obtained a sufficient level of knowledge and skills in their chosen field of study. They serve as a benchmark for students overall academic progress and success throughout their time at Montgomery College.

It’s worth noting that these requirements may vary slightly depending on individual circumstances and specific degree programs at the college. Students are advised to consult with their academic advisor or refer to the official college catalog for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding graduation requirements.

By meeting these credit hour and GPA criteria, students can confidently graduate from Montgomery College, equipped with the educational foundation necessary to pursue their future endeavors. Whether they plan to transfer to a four-year college or university, enter the workforce, or embark on a new academic journey, Montgomery College graduates are well-prepared to face the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Calculating Grade Point Average (GPA) is a standard practice at Montgomery College, where a traditional grading scale is utilized. The GPA is determined based on a numerical value assigned to each letter grade, with A being worth 4 points, B worth 3, C worth 2, D worth 1, and F worth 0. It’s important to note that only the primary grades are taken into account, excluding any grades such as Audit or Withdraw. Additionally, if a course is retaken, the most recent attempt will be used in calculating the GPA.

How Does Montgomery College Calculate GPA?

To calculate the Grade Point Average (GPA) at Montgomery College, the institution utilizes the same grading scale as the majority of US educational institutions. This scale assigns numerical values to each letter grade, with A being equal to 4 points, B to 3 points, C to 2 points, D to 1 point, and F to 0 points. It’s important to note that grades such as Audit or Withdraw aren’t factored into the GPA calculation.

In instances where a student retakes a particular class, it’s the most recent attempt that’s considered for the GPA calculation. This means that if a student receives a D grade in a class and decides to retake it, only the grade from the most recent attempt will be used in determining their GPA. This policy allows students to improve their GPA if they choose to retake a course in which they didn’t perform well.

It acts as a quantitative representation of a students overall learning and achievement throughout their coursework. By utilizing the A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0 grading scale and taking into account only the most recent attempt of a retaken course, Montgomery College ensures a fair and accurate representation of a students GPA.

In addition to providing a measure of a students academic capabilities, the GPA is often an important factor considered by employers, transfer institutions, and scholarship committees when evaluating an applicants qualifications. Thus, understanding how the GPA is calculated and it’s significance in various contexts is crucial for Montgomery College students.

This calculation method provides students with an accurate measure of their academic performance and is essential for making informed decisions regarding further education and career opportunities.

Source: Grade Point Average and Academic Standing

Montgomery College, often referred to as MC, is a reputable educational institution renowned for it’s commitment to providing high-quality education and comprehensive academic programs. While the acronym “MC” is acceptable after the initial reference, it’s advisable not to overuse or solely rely on it to maintain clarity and professionalism throughout the article.

What Is Montgomery College Acronym?

Montgomery College, commonly referred to as MC, is a renowned educational institution based in Montgomery County, Maryland. As an acronym, MC stands for Montgomery College and is often used in informal settings or after the first reference to the institution. However, it’s important to avoid repetitive or exclusive use of the acronym, as the full name should be acknowledged to maintain clarity and professionalism.

Montgomery College has established a strong reputation for academic excellence and comprehensive educational programs. It provides a wide range of courses and degrees to cater to the diverse needs and interests of it’s students. The institution takes pride in offering high-quality education, empowering students with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in their chosen fields.

Additionally, acknowledging the full name Montgomery College reinforces the Colleges identity and brand recognition. It affirms the institutions commitment to it’s students and the wider community.

R stands for “Thursday” in the Montgomery College schedule of classes. This abbreviation allows students to easily identify the day on which their classes are scheduled throughout the academic week.

What Does R Mean in Montgomery College?

The letter “R” in the Montgomery College schedule of classes serves as an abbreviation for “Thursday.”. This particular abbreviation simplifies the process of representing the days of the week within the colleges class schedules. The inclusion of abbreviations in scheduling systems is a common practice across educational institutions worldwide, as it streamlines the presentation of information in an efficient and easily readable manner.

It’s worth noting that the use of abbreviations in class schedules goes beyond just the representation of days of the week. Many colleges and universities utilize various abbreviations to denote different types of classes, such as lectures, seminars, or labs, as well as specific departments or subject areas. These abbreviations help students and faculty quickly identify and understand the nature of each class, forming an integral part of a comprehensive scheduling system.

This abbreviation follows a common convention widely recognized and used in academic environments. The adoption of this abbreviation ensures clear and efficient communication in scheduling, allowing students and faculty to easily navigate through the colleges offerings. By employing abbreviations in their schedules, educational institutions like Montgomery College aim to streamline the presentation of information and enhance the overall experience of their community.


This initiative comes into effect once a student's cumulative GPA falls below 1.75 after completing 12 credit hours or more. By limiting the number of credit hours students can register for in a semester to 6, Montgomery College facilitates a more focused and manageable workload, thus creating an opportunity for these students to rebuild their academic foundation and regain their momentum. It serves as a valuable support system, encouraging students to prioritize their studies, seek academic guidance, and employ strategies for improvement.

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