Understanding the Los Angeles County CDS Code: A Comprehensive Guide

Downey, CA 90242-2890 Phone Number (562) 922-6111 Fax Number (562) 922-6918 Email: [email protected] Link opens new email: [email protected] Superintendent Dr. Debra Duardo Link opens new browser tab Website: http://www.lacoe.edu Link opens new browser tab Grades Served K-12 District Type County Office of Education District County Los Angeles Name: Los Angeles County Office of Education District Schools Information Availability: Available to public Charter School: No District Offerings District Offerings Show detailed school information 351 Alternative Schools School Name (Filing Name) School CDS Code District County School Type School Status Address Level Grades Institutional Calendar District Calendar – K-12 District ContactsMigrant Education Director: Victor Quintero Superintendent Secretary: Ana Valdez Superintendent's Assistant: Eileen Cubellis The Los Angeles County Office of Education serves as a vital link between the state's largest and most diverse county and more than two million students. It’s main focus is on providing technical assistance, curriculum and instructional support, staff development, legal advice, and oversight to Los Angeles County's 80 school districts, serving kindergarten through grade 12. The organization is governed by an elected board of education composed of seven members, each representing a geographic area broadly equivalent to one of five county supervisorial districts. The superintendent is appointed by the board and is the chief executive officer of the organization, responsible for the day-to-day operations and administration. Overall, the Los Angeles County Office of Education plays a key role in ensuring that all students in the county have access to quality education and support services.

What Are CDS Codes?

CDS codes play a crucial role in the education system of California as they serve as a standardized identification system for schools. They help to ensure accuracy and efficiency in data collection and reporting. By using CDS codes, the state can easily track and manage various aspects of each school, such as enrollment numbers, academic performance, and funding allocations.

The first two digits of the CDS code represent the county where the school is located. This allows for easy categorization and grouping of schools within a specific geographical area. The next five digits denote the school district, enabling administrators to identify schools that fall under the same jurisdiction. This is useful for district-level decision-making and resource allocation.

As each school is assigned a unique code, it becomes much easier to differentiate between schools, especially those with similar names or located within the same district. This ensures accurate data collection and reporting, especially when it comes to issues such as transfers, closures, or consolidations.

It’s streamlined processes and facilitated more informed decision-making at both the county and state levels.

Kings County CDS code is a unique identification number assigned to educational institutions in Kings County, Ohio. The code serves as a way to track and organize information related to schools in the county. Each school is assigned a specific CDS code that’s used by various educational agencies and databases. For example, the Kings County CDS code for a specific school, such as the one located at 1255 Beulah St. Hanford, CA 93230, is 16 10165 6010581.

What Is Kings County CDS Code?

The Kings County CDS code refers to a unique identification number assigned to educational institutions within Kings County, Ohio. This code helps to categorize and track schools within the county, ensuring accurate record-keeping and administrative processes. The Kings County CDS code consists of a series of numbers that are specific to each school, providing a means of identification and differentiation between institutions.

It’s address is listed as 1255 Beulah St. Hanford, CA 93230. This code is used for various purposes, such as compiling statistical data, academic reporting, and compliance with state and federal regulations. The CDS code also helps to facilitate communication and coordination between schools, districts, and educational authorities.

It streamlines administrative processes by providing a standardized identification system for schools in Kings County. The code is typically used in conjunction with other identifiers, such as school names and addresses, to ensure accurate and efficient communication.

This classification system helps in analyzing educational trends, monitoring performance, and allocating resources more effectively.

It provides a standardized means of identifying and categorizing schools, enabling efficient communication and data management. Despite it’s simple numeric format, the code carries significant importance in facilitating administrative processes, academic reporting, and compliance with state and federal regulations.


The CDS code for Los Angeles County is 19-10199-0000000. The office is located at 9300 Imperial Hwy, Downey, CA. The Los Angeles County Office of Education partners with local districts to provide resources and expertise to improve educational opportunities and outcomes for all students. With a focus on equity and access, they offer a wide range of programs and services, including professional development, special education support, technology integration, and innovative instructional strategies. The county office also operates schools and programs tailored to meet the needs of diverse student populations, including alternative education, juvenile court, and community-based programs. Their commitment to excellence and dedication to equity and access make them an important institution in the region's education landscape.

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