Is There a Publication Fee for IJERE?

It’s a common concern among researchers and academics to find out whether there’s a publication fee associated with their chosen journal. In the case of IJERE (International Journal of Engineering Research and Education), authors can rest assured that there’s no publication fee for manuscripts submitted and published in this esteemed journal. The focus at IJERE is to provide a platform for scholarly exchange and dissemination of research findings without imposing any financial burden on the authors. However, it’s important to note that once a manuscript has been accepted for publication, authors are required to undergo proofreading after the completion of all editorial and peer review processes. This ensures the highest quality of the published work and enhances the overall scholarly impact of the research.

How Much Is the Publication Fee for International Journal of Computer Science and Applications?

The International Journal of Computer Science and Applications (IJCSA) provides a platform for researchers and scholars to publish their work in the field of computer science. One of the important factors that authors need to consider when submitting their articles to this journal is the publication fee. The IJCSA charges a flat fee of USD 62.50 for each accepted article. This fee is applicable to all authors, regardless of their affiliation or nationality.

In order to facilitate the payment process, the journal offers two payment methods: bank transfer and PayPal. Authors can choose the payment method that’s convenient for them.

It’s worth mentioning that there are certain exemptions to the publication fee. Faculty members, including professors with emeritus status, as well as current students of Harvard University, are exempted from paying the article processing fees. This exemption is a recognition of the contribution made by these individuals to the field of computer science and aims to support their participation in the journal.

Overall, authors submitting their work to the International Journal of Computer Science and Applications should be aware of the publication fee of USD 62.50 per accepted article. They can choose to pay through bank transfer or PayPal, and should check for any exemptions that may apply, such as those for faculty and current students of Harvard University.

How Do Publication Fees in the International Journal of Computer Science and Applications Compare to Other Similar Journals?

  • Publication fees in the International Journal of Computer Science and Applications
  • Fees in other similar journals
  • Comparison of publication fees

In order to facilitate the dissemination of high-quality research, the International Journal of Current Science implements a publication fee system. This fee stands at ₹1500 INR for Indian authors and $55 for international authors per single paper publication. By ensuring a reasonable and affordable publication charge, the journal seeks to foster inclusivity and global participation in the scientific community.

What Is the Publication Fee of International Journal of Current Science?

The International Journal of Current Science provides a platform for researchers and scholars to publish their scientific work. However, in order to cover the cost of publication and maintenance of the journal, there’s a publication fee that authors are required to pay. For Indian authors, the publication fee is set at ₹1500 INR per single paper publication. This fee ensures that the journal can continue providing a high-quality platform for researchers in India to showcase their work.

On the other hand, for foreign international authors, the publication fee is set at $55 per single paper publication. This fee enables global researchers to contribute to the journal and share their scientific findings with the international community. The publication fee for foreign authors is slightly higher to accommodate for additional administrative and processing costs associated with publishing work from abroad.

It’s important to note that the publication fee covers the cost of processing and publishing the paper, including editing, typesetting, DOI allocation, online hosting, and indexing in various databases. Additionally, the fee contributes to the maintenance and continual improvement of the journals website and infrastructure.

These fees contribute to the sustainability and maintenance of the journal, enabling researchers from around the world to disseminate their scientific work to a wide audience.

To publish in Current Science with Open Access License, authors are required to pay an overall article publishing charge (APC) of $0.3 USD.

How Much Does It Cost to Publish in Current Science?

Publishing in Current Science with an Open Access License is an efficient and accessible way for researchers to share their findings with a global audience. However, it’s important for authors to be aware of the associated costs. In order to publish in Current Science with an Open Access License, authors are required to pay article publishing charges (APC) of $0.3 USD.

These charges cover various aspects of the publication process, including the peer review process, editing, typesetting, and the final production of the article. Additionally, they ensure that the published work is freely available to anyone interested in accessing it. Open Access publishing helps to democratize knowledge and eliminate barriers to information, facilitating widespread dissemination of research.

The APC is a one-time fee that’s typically paid by the author or their funding institution. Some institutions may provide funding or grants to cover these charges, particularly for researchers based in low-income countries or those with limited financial resources. It’s advisable for authors to check with their institutions regarding possible funding support for publication costs.

It’s important to note that the APC isn’t a deterrent to publishing in Current Science. The journal prides itself on it’s accessibility and equitable approach to publishing, ensuring that high-quality research is available to readers worldwide. The fees collected through APCs are reinvested into the journal, enabling it to maintain it’s high standards and continue providing an open platform for researchers.

Current Science considers transparency to be of utmost importance and displays all relevant information regarding publication charges on their website. Authors are encouraged to review the journals guidelines and policies, including the APC, before submitting their work for consideration. This ensures that the authors are well-informed about the costs and can make an informed decision about publishing their research in Current Science.

How Are Article Publishing Charges (APCs) Determined in Current Science?

  • Editorial and administrative expenses
  • Peer review and manuscript handling costs
  • Production and publication expenses
  • Indexing and archiving services
  • Online hosting and website maintenance
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Licensing and copyright fees
  • Profit margin for the publisher

Source: Current Science – Submission & Publication Fees | Article …

IJCSE offers different publication packages based on the requirements of the authors. The charges for online-only publication start at USD 300/ INR 10000 for manuscripts up to 20 pages. For those who prefer to receive a hard copy of their publication along with the online version, the cost is USD 400/ INR 15000. Additional pages beyond the initial 20 will be charged at a rate of USD 50/ INR 500 per page. These charges help cover the expenses of the submission and publication process.

What Are the Charges for Ijcse Publication?

IJCSE (International Journal of Computer Science and Engineering) charges a publication fee for authors who wish to publish their papers in the journal. The charges for publication are as follows:

For online publication only, the fee is USD 300 or INR 10,000. This includes the publication of 1 to 20 pages of the paper.

If the paper exceeds 20 pages, there’s an additional charge of USD 50 or INR 500 per page.

It’s important to note that the publication fee is non-refundable and should be paid after the paper is accepted for publication.

Moving on to frequently asked questions about IJCSE publication charges:

Can the publication fee be waived or reduced for authors facing financial difficulties? Unfortunately, IJCSE doesn’t offer any waivers or reductions in publication fees.

Are there any additional charges for color figures or tables in the paper? No, the publication fee covers the cost of the entire paper, including any color figures or tables.

Do co-authors also need to pay the publication fee? No, the publication fee is per paper and not per author. Therefore, co-authors don’t need to pay any additional fees.


Is it possible to request an invoice for the publication fee?


Authors who successfully navigate through the rigorous editorial and peer review processes aren’t required to make any financial contributions. This commitment to scholarly excellence without charging publication fees reflects IJERE's dedication to promoting open and accessible academic research in the field of education.

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