How Long Does It Take to Write an EE IB?

This time frame includes everything from conducting thorough research, analyzing data, formulating arguments, and organizing ideas effectively. It’s crucial to allocate enough time for each stage of the writing process to ensure a well-structured and well-supported essay. Additionally, the complexity of the topic and the level of understanding required can also impact the time required to complete an IB extended essay. For some students, this process may take longer than anticipated, especially if they encounter challenges along the way.

Is It Possible to Fail EE IB?

Students may also fail their EE if they don’t conduct thorough research or if their research lacks depth and critical analysis. The IB expects students to demonstrate a high level of intellectual rigor and dedication, and failure to meet these expectations can result in a failing grade. Additionally, students who fail to manage their time effectively may not be able to complete their EE on time, leading to a failure. The Extended Essay is a demanding task that requires extensive planning and organization, and those who struggle with time management may find themselves falling short.

Moreover, the complexity and ambiguity of the Extended Essay prompt can also contribute to a students failure. The EE encourages students to explore a topic of interest in-depth, but this freedom can be overwhelming for some. Without proper guidance or a clear understanding of how to approach their chosen topic, students may struggle to effectively develop their argument or conduct meaningful research. This lack of clarity can result in a failure to meet the IBs expectations and produce a coherent and well-structured essay.

Additionally, the Extended Essay requires students to showcase strong writing skills. Those who struggle with expressing their ideas clearly and coherently, or who’ve weak grammar and spelling skills, may find their work penalized. The IB expects a high standard of academic writing, and those who fail to meet these expectations may find their grades affected.

These may include failure to submit or fulfill the requirements, inadequate research or lack of depth, poor time management, a lack of understanding of the assignments requirements, complexity of the prompt, and weak writing skills. Students should take these factors into consideration and seek guidance, clarification, and support when working on their EE to increase their chances of success.

Examples of Successful Extended Essays

  • Exploring the impact of climate change on coral reefs
  • Analyzing the portrayal of women in classical literature
  • Investigating the effectiveness of alternative medicine in treating chronic pain
  • Examining the relationship between socio-economic status and academic achievement
  • Exploring the portrayal of mental illness in contemporary art
  • Analyzing the effects of bilingual education on language acquisition
  • Investigating the impact of social media on body image and self-esteem
  • Examining the role of genetics in determining intelligence
  • Exploring the impact of robotics and automation on the job market
  • Analyzing the portrayal of historical events in film
  • Investigating the efficacy of different methods of study for academic success


With the requirement of extensive research and the need to complete a significant number of words, it’s evident that a substantial amount of time is necessary. Expert IB extended essay writers suggest that the task can take approximately 40-50 hours. This estimate reflects the effort and dedication required to effectively explore a chosen topic, adhere to the IB guidelines, and produce a high-quality essay that showcases critical thinking, analysis, and synthesis skills. However, it’s crucial for students to allocate adequate time and resources to ensure a thorough and comprehensive exploration of their chosen subject matter.

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