FSU Online Course Catalog: Find Your Perfect Online Class at Florida State University

The Florida State University (FSU) Online Course Catalog offers a diverse range of educational opportunities for students looking to enhance their knowledge and skills in various fields. Whether you’re a current FSU student or an individual seeking to further your education remotely, the comprehensive catalog provides a wealth of online courses that cater to a wide array of academic interests.

Does FSU Have Online Courses?

FSU does indeed offer online courses for students who’re looking for flexibility, convenience, or a renowned reputation. Whether you’re interested in the arts, humanities, or sciences, FSU has a renowned strength in these areas.

These courses are taught by experienced faculty who’re experts in their respective fields. Students can expect engaging and interactive learning experiences that will prepare them for their future careers.

Advantages of Taking Online Courses at FSU

Taking online courses at FSU offers several benefits. Firstly, it provides flexibility and convenience as you can study from anywhere at your own pace. Secondly, it allows you to save time and money on commuting and accommodation expenses. Additionally, online courses at FSU are designed to be interactive and engaging, ensuring a high-quality learning experience. Finally, online courses offer the opportunity to connect with a diverse community of learners, providing avenues for networking and collaboration.

One option for searching for online classes at FSU is to use Student Central. By setting specific criteria such as the Campus field to Tallahassee, the Course Attribute field to Physical Location, and the Course Attribute Value to Online, you can easily find out what online courses are available to you.

How Do I Search for Online Classes at FSU?

To search for online classes at FSU, start by accessing Student Central, the universitys online platform for student resources. Once youre logged in, navigate to the course search feature, which allows you to explore the range of available courses.

In the search criteria, ensure that you set the Campus field to Tallahassee, as this will narrow down the results to the online classes offered by FSU. Additionally, specify the Course Attribute field as Physical Location to filter out any courses that require in-person attendance. Lastly, set the Course Attribute Value as Online to specifically search for online classes.

Take note of the course descriptions, prerequisites, and credit hours to determine which class suits your academic needs and interests.

Once youve found a class that catches your attention, click on the course title to access further details such as the instructor, meeting times (if applicable), and any necessary textbooks or materials. It’s also recommended to check if there are any recorded lectures or real-time virtual meetings that youll need to attend for the online class.

To enroll in an online class, go back to Student Central and navigate to the registration section. Enter the CRN (Course Reference Number) of the desired class, and follow the registration instructions provided. Be sure to check the registration deadlines to ensure a smooth enrollment process.

Remember to regularly check your FSU email and Student Central for any updates or changes related to your online classes. This will ensure that you stay informed and engaged throughout the semester, even in an online learning environment.

When looking for classes at FSU, you can start by accessing the Main Menu and selecting the Record and Enrollment option. From there, choose the Enroll Student and then the Search for Classes option. Alternatively, students can also use the myFSU portal. Once on the Class Search Criteria page, you can expand the Additional Search Criteria section. By default, the Campus drop-down box will be set to Tallahassee.

How Do I Search for Classes at FSU?

To search for classes at FSU, students can conveniently navigate to the main menu and select “Record and Enrollment” followed by “Enroll Student”. From there, an option to “Search for Classes” will be available. An alternative method involves accessing the myFSU portal, which provides a streamlined process for conducting class searches.

Once the Class Search Criteria page is displayed, students are given the option to expand additional search criteria. This can be achieved by clicking on the designated button. By doing so, a wider range of options becomes accessible to cater to specific preferences and requirements.

The default setting in the Campus drop-down box is Tallahassee, which aligns with FSUs main campus location. However, this setting can be adjusted if the student is interested in classes offered at other campuses affiliated with FSU.

Further customization options are made available to students during the search process as well. Specific subjects, course numbers, instructors, and course attributes can be selected or inputted, allowing students to refine their search and ensure they find the most suitable classes.

It’s important to note that during the class search process, students can view relevant information such as class meeting times, locations, and availability. This valuable information allows students to make informed decisions when choosing their desired class schedule.

With the user-friendly interface and comprehensive search options, FSU students can easily navigate the system and find the classes that align with their academic goals and interests.

Advanced Search Options for Finding Specific Subjects or Course Numbers at FSU

  • Search by subject: Enter the subject code or name to find all courses for a specific subject.
  • Search by course number: Enter the course number to find a specific course.
  • Search by keyword: Enter a keyword related to the subject or course you’re looking for.
  • Search by instructor: Enter the name of the instructor to find courses taught by them.
  • Search by time: Filter courses by the days of the week and/or specific times.
  • Search by credit hours: Set a specific range of credit hours for the courses you want to find.
  • Search by course level: Specify the level (undergraduate or graduate) of the courses you’re interested in.
  • Search by course attributes: Choose from a list of course attributes to narrow down your search.
  • Search by schedule type: Select a specific schedule type, such as online, hybrid, or in-person.
  • Search by prerequisites: Find courses that have specific prerequisites or exclude courses with certain prerequisites.

Source: Search for Classes – myFSU Student Central

To add classes to your FSU cart, start by logging on to my.fsu.edu using your FSUID and password. Then, navigate to the Student Home page and click on the Future tab in the My Courses section. From there, click on the Cart is open icon to access the Shopping Cart-Add Classes page.

How Do I Add Classes to My FSU Cart?

To add classes to your FSU cart, start by logging on to my.fsu.edu using your FSUID and password. Once logged in, navigate to the Student Home page and locate the My Courses portlet. Here, you’ll find various tabs, including the Future tab. Click on the Future tab to proceed.

Within the Future tab, you’ll notice an open icon representing the Cart. Click on this icon to access the Shopping Cart-Add Classes to Shopping Cart page. On this page, you’ll be able to search for specific classes by entering relevant keywords, such as course name or number.

Utilize the search filters available to refine your results and find the exact classes you’re looking for. Once you’ve identified a class that you wish to add, simply click on the Add button located next to the class listing.

Continue this process for each class you wish to include in your schedule. You can add multiple classes to your cart at the same time, allowing for easy and efficient selection. Be sure to review your cart periodically to ensure all desired classes have been added.

Keep in mind that adding classes to your cart doesn’t automatically enroll you in them; registration must be completed separately.

Remember to regularly check for any updates or changes in the course offerings to adjust your cart accordingly.

Transition: Now, let’s take a closer look at the rigorous academic environment at FSU and discover how the university provides ample support and resources to ensure student success and pave the way for a promising future.

Is FSU an Easy School?

When discussing the difficulty of FSU as a school, it’s important to note that academics at FSU are highly rigorous and competitive. The university prides itself on challenging it’s students to achieve their highest degree of learning. This means that students are constantly pushed to excel in their studies and strive for academic excellence.

FSU provides an environment that encourages students to succeed and sets them up for future success. The university offers a wide range of resources, including academic support programs and tutoring services, to help students reach their full potential. Additionally, professors at FSU are renowned for their expertise and are dedicated to providing high-quality education to their students.

The university understands that success isn’t solely based on academic achievements, but is also influenced by personal growth and well-being. FSU offers a variety of extracurricular activities, clubs, and organizations that allow students to pursue their passions outside of the classroom and foster a well-rounded college experience.

Florida State University (FSU) offers a wide range of degree programs across various disciplines. Some of the degrees that students can earn at FSU include Actuarial Science, Anthropology, Accounting, Communication Theory and Research, Computer Criminology, Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, Art Education, Athletic Training, and American Law. These are just a few examples of the diverse programs available at FSU.

What Degrees Can You Earn at FSU?

Florida State University (FSU) offers a wide range of degree programs across various disciplines. Students can pursue a Bachelors degree in Actuarial Science, Anthropology, Accounting, Communication, Computer Criminology, and more. The Actuarial Science program provides students with a strong foundation in mathematics and statistics, preparing them for careers in the insurance and finance industries. In the Anthropology program, students explore different cultures and societies, studying human behavior and it’s evolution over time.

For those interested in the field of Accounting, FSU offers a Bachelors degree that equips students with the necessary knowledge and skills for a successful career in financial management and analysis. The Communication program at FSU focuses on the theories and research behind effective communication, preparing students for various careers in media, public relations, and corporate communication.

If you’ve an interest in the intersection of technology and criminal justice, you can pursue a Bachelors degree in Computer Criminology, which explores the ways in which technology is used in criminal activities and how it can be combated.

FSU also offers programs in fields such as Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, Art Education, Athletic Training, and American Law. The Chemical and Biomedical Engineering program prepares students for careers in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and environmental sectors. The Art Education program offers Masters, Specialist, and Doctoral degrees, allowing students to specialize in various areas of art education and pursue teaching careers.

The Athletic Training program provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to work as certified athletic trainers, serving athletes in various sports. For those looking to deepen their knowledge in the field of American Law, FSU offers a Master of Laws (LLM) degree that allows students to specialize in specific areas of law and legal research.

Environmental Science: FSU Offers a Degree Program in Environmental Science That Prepares Students for Careers in Environmental Research and Sustainability.

Florida State University (FSU) provides a comprehensive program in Environmental Science, aimed at equipping students with the necessary knowledge and skills for pursuing careers in environmental research and sustainability. This interdisciplinary degree program allows students to explore various scientific fields, such as ecology, geology, atmospheric sciences, and biology, to understand the complexities and challenges of the environment. By delivering a diverse curriculum, FSU ensures that graduates are well-prepared to address critical environmental issues and contribute to sustainable solutions.


With a wide array of courses spanning various disciplines, students can explore their interests, develop new skills, and work towards their educational goals. The catalog's user-friendly interface and detailed course descriptions provide invaluable guidance in choosing the right courses for individual needs. Regardless of geographical location or scheduling constraints, students can access high-quality education from a reputable institution like FSU. The flexibility and convenience offered by the online course catalog make it an attractive option for students who’re looking to balance their studies with other commitments. Furthermore, the catalog's comprehensive and up-to-date information ensures that students have a transparent understanding of each course's requirements and objectives.

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