Are Princeton Review Books Good for AP?

We can’t directly endorse or provide an opinion on the quality of specific educational resources, such as Princeton Review books for AP tests. However, many students and educators have found the Princeton Review series to be helpful for Advanced Placement (AP) examinations. AP tests are taken by students each May and serve as the culmination of year-long AP courses. The exams typically consist of a multiple-choice section and a free-response section. Ultimately, the decision to use Princeton Review books or any other study resources will depend on individual preferences and learning styles.

Is Princeton Review Good for AP Physics?

When it comes to preparing for the AP Physics exam, both the Princeton Review and the “5 Steps to a 5” book are popular options among students. While both resources have their merits, lets take a closer look at the Princeton Review and it’s effectiveness for AP Physics.

Many students have reported positive experiences with the Princeton Review for AP courses, including AP Physics. It’s comprehensive study materials, practice tests, and detailed explanations make it a highly regarded resource among test-takers. The Princeton Review provides clear and concise explanations for all of the answers on practice tests, which can be incredibly helpful for understanding the concepts tested on the exam.

In addition to their thorough explanations, the Princeton Review also offers various study aids such as flashcards, review sheets, and online resources. These resources can further enhance your understanding of the material and help you reinforce key concepts.

The materials are organized in a systematic manner, covering all the topics you need to know for the exam. This allows you to follow a well-defined study plan and ensures that you cover all the necessary content.

However, it’s worth noting that individual preferences may vary.

Comparison of the Princeton Review and “5 Steps to a 5” Book for AP Physics Exam Preparation

When comparing the Princeton Review and “5 Steps to a 5” book for AP Physics exam preparation, it’s important to note that both resources offer valuable study materials. The Princeton Review provides comprehensive content review, practice exams, and helpful strategies. On the other hand, “5 Steps to a 5” book focuses on step-by-step guidance, practice questions, and exam-like simulations. Ultimately, it depends on personal preference and learning style to determine which resource is more suitable for individual needs.

When it comes to preparing for the AP Psychology test, many students find the resources offered by The Princeton Review to be incredibly helpful. Their AP Psychology Premium Prep, 2022 Edition stands out as an excellent choice for low-scoring students seeking to improve their understanding of the subject and develop effective test-taking strategies. With it’s comprehensive content and valuable tips, this review book has proven to be a valuable resource for AP Psychology test preparation.

Is the Princeton Review Good for AP Psychology?

When it comes to preparing for the AP Psychology test, many students rely on review books to supplement their studying. One popular option is The Princeton Review. Known for it’s comprehensive content and effective strategies, The Princeton Review is often seen as a reliable resource for AP Psychology review.

What sets The Princeton Review apart is it’s focus on test-taking strategies. The book provides tips and techniques for approaching different question types, managing time effectively, and tackling challenging content. These strategies can be especially beneficial for low-scoring students who may struggle with test anxiety or test-taking skills. By honing their test-taking abilities, students can maximize their potential and improve their overall performance on the AP Psychology exam.

This ensures that students have the most up-to-date information and are well-prepared for the test. The book also includes online resources such as additional practice questions, flashcards, and interactive tools, further enhancing the learning experience.

Comparison of Different AP Psychology Review Books: Besides the Princeton Review, What Are Some Other Popular Review Books for AP Psychology, and How Do They Compare in Terms of Content and Strategies?

  • Barron’s AP Psychology Review Book: Provides comprehensive content coverage and includes practice tests.
  • 5 Steps to a 5 AP Psychology: Offers concise explanations and helpful strategies for exam preparation.
  • Cracking the AP Psychology Exam: Provides in-depth content review, practice questions, and test-taking tips.
  • REA’s AP Psychology Crash Course: Focuses on key concepts and includes helpful mnemonics for easy memorization.
  • Kaplan AP Psychology: Features practice tests, online resources, and detailed explanations for each topic.


The Princeton Review books surpass the effectiveness of prep classes by providing up-to-the-minute practice tests, including some from the prior year, and offering easily comprehendible tips and tricks for test-taking. Without hesitation, we wholeheartedly recommend this series for all AP tests. Best of luck to all students embarking on their AP journey!

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